Memorial Cards Ireland

Memorial Cards Ireland

Our trademark is quality

At Lir Memorial Cards quality is our trademark, always striving to deliver a premium quality product to you. It is an invaluable benefit to you to have an experienced and knowledgeable graphic designer by your side to assist and guide you throughout the process. Memorial stationery is such a unique and personal keepsake of the person you loved and we feel it is far superior to create these life long treasures with the guidance of a graphic designer rather than an online personalisation program.

Over 30 years’ experience

A family business situated in the heart of Ireland, with over 30 years’ experience in print and design. We constantly strive for perfection, with the use of exceptional materials, cutting edge technology and internationally recognised standards and procedures. To be entrusted with the design and print of your loved ones’ Memorial Cards is an honour for us. You will receive premium quality service and support at what can be an emotional and difficult time.

Memorial Cards Design Ireland